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Joint Venture partnership


Fellow Joint Venture partner,


If you are an owner of a high traffic website, discussion board (forum), blog, a big size mailing list or any other sales channels you can join us as a JV partner to make money together.

We offer a couple of partnership options:

- Branding options (3 various options)

- Resell rights options


The main benefits of being our JV partner are:

- You offer your visitors/customers a very useful unique software they can use on daily basis.

- Run your advertisements for your business via software.

- Make money by selling it.

Your task as JV partner is to market or distribute Click Cutter to your sales or web traffic channels.

Our task is to personalize your Click Cutter copy and embed your ads into the software.

Distribution of Click Cutter can be done either:

- by promoting our website where users can get product information, download or purchase the software

- you can market and distribute Click Cutter on your own.

When you become our JV partner we create a special personalized copy of Click Cutter software which will contain built-in your business advertisement and built-in our sales tracking mechanism with your commission cut of 50% ( $20-$45 per sale).

In other words we can put your name/website on prime spots within Click Cutter software so everyone from your sales channel who downloads and uses the software will see your ads  for as long as they use Click Cutter. And if any one buys PRO version of the software you get the commission of 50%.

It's a win-win collaboration. You distribute our product helping us to get the word out and at the same time making money with software sales AND advertising your own business through Click Cutter software.

Even if you do not make any sales you still can greatly benefit from your advertisement running via your personalized copy of Click Cutter. Can I say " you have not thing lose but gain" ? Yes. Absolutely.

Here are some details.

We have few "branding" options.

#1. JV branding option

Short text ads ( 2-5 words) built in to the software.

The ads Appear on the popup dialog and Tray Icon menu.

In a free version user will see those ads every time they use a software.

Click Cutter has built-in branding option which is built in into the software in a form of small text links. Those links can contain your business name and link to a website of your choice. This is a very un-intrusive and naturally looking form of advertising and those text links will be always visible to ClickCutter users. These text ads are visible in all Click Cutter versions.


Examples of prime spots within Clik Cutter. (look for "Your ad here" blue text ads)

Here is how your ad will look on popup dialog:



Here how your ad would like on the Tray Icon menu:




#2 JV branding option.

Full browser webpage ads.

Advertising option is available on our very popular Standard version which is free to use. The advertisement appears in a form of fully open browser window on a ClickCutter usage basis. The more often Click Cutter is used the more often the full page ad appears.

It's a full page advertisement which directly opens your ad (webpage) in a browser and this type of advertisement is proven to be the most effective of all.

Once your clients start using Click Cutter your advertisement will run for them for as long as you stay with us as an active sponsor.

Advertisement display is available on multilevel basis upto 5 tiers. That means that you can invite other business owners to join our advertising program and you will have a chance to get your ads displayed to all users in your downline upto 5 levels deep. This multilevel system allows you to run your ads on so called "viral" self-spreading mode.


#3 JV branding option.

This option is for search content providers only.

If you have a website which provides users with ability to search for any type of content then we can include your site on default search sites list which is included by default in Click Cutter.

So every time users use Click Cutter's search function by default they will be given an opportunity to search your site as well.

Here is an example of content search sites included in Click Cutter's search menu. One of those sites on the list can be yours.




















Built-in affiliate link.

Besides our publicly open affiliate program for some JV partners we have an option to embed their affiliate links into a software so those partners can get commissions if their users buy full PRO version.

What good about this option is that you can distribute your "tagged" copy to anyone and encourage them to give your copy away to their friends and their friends' friends, etc. And your affiliate link will be present in each copy. Whenever somebody buys a PRO you get a commission. The more you spread your copy the more chances you make more money. That's called "viral" marketing and it the easiest money you can make.


5-tier multilevel full page advertising system

Our multi-tier advertisement system allow our sponsors or JV partners to extend their ads exposure up to 5 levels deep in their down lines. You can call it multilevel ad display.

Click Here for more details


Resell rights.

If you wish to sell Click Cutter as your own product and collect all the money from sales you can obtain a reseller license.

 Contact us for more details



Terms of JV partnership.

1. You must try Click Cutter yourself before you apply for JV status.
You can try the Standard version (free) from the download page or if you wish you can request a special JV evaluation copy of Click Cutter's Standard -plus version.

2. You can apply for JV status only if you like Click Cutter and truly think that your visitors will benefit from using it.

The cost to become a JV partner

We have two options.

- FREE for JV partners who has proven verifiable track of successful marketing.

- $150 setup fee for JV partners without a proven record of successful marketing. The fee is charged to cover the cost of setting a personalized copy of Click Cutter.

However, if your sales channel is proven to be effective then your initial fee will be reimbursed.

 There are additional monthly hosting fees if you wish to have Click Cutter setup files to be downloaded from our server.



Contact us and tell us about your website so we can discuss possible JV options.


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"OMG! I've used it for few days only and already developed some form of addiction to click cutter. Now I can't imagine myself doing things without this tool.


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"WOW! That's all I can say"


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"I fell in love with Clickcutter in 5 minutes after I started using it"


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"I can't believe clickcutter can do this but it really does"


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"I've been using numerous firefox extensions to do some tasks while browsing the Internet. Click Cutter eliminated the need to have many of those extensions"


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"We downloaded Click Cutter to try in our office and installed it almost on all machines. Keep up good work!"


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