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Click Cutter extensions for Firefox Click Cutter download

System requirements:  Windows (32/64 bit):  2000 / XP / Vista / 7/ 8.1/10 and Windows for Mac. 

Required disk space- 4 MB

Options Standard Standard+ LITE PRO JV Partner
Activated working version
No functions limit        
User Support and Updates
Resale & private label rights
Price^ Free $29.99 $59.99 $79.99 Details
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^ Price is subject to change at any time


100% Risk FREE Total Satisfaction
Money Back Guarantee

Even if you used free Click Cutter Standard version which is more than enough to evaluate what Click Cutter is about you still have full 60 days to use any of ClickCutter's paid versions - completely risk free. If you are not happy for whatever reason, I will refund every single cent you have paid. No hesitation, no quibbles and no questions.
And you can keep all the bonuses as our thanks for trying Click Cutter.



Standard Standard+ LITE PRO
JV Partner

 Activated working version

 No Advertisement Support

 User Support and Free updates*

 Multiple PC license **

Popup dialog
 Ability to use both Popup dialog and Tray Icon
 Ability to use Tray Icon only
 Ability to disable popup dialog
 (to avoid annoyance)

 Ability to hide popup dialog buttons
 (to make popup smaller in size)
Advertisement support
 Advertisement support disabled by agreement
 Advertisement appearance frequency ***
 (based on # of Click Cutter's actions) ****
25 50 50 - by agreement
 Ability to hide text ads on popup dialog
 Auto Copy
 Auto Paste
 Auto Cut
 Undo command (with middle button)
 Switch between Copy and Cut (with middle button)
 Custom elements replacing in URL
 (total user control over automatic URL fixing and opening)
 Automatic multiple browser windows closing
 (available for Win XP only)
 Search (all functions)
 Open Link (all functions)
 Search bar
 Ability to use keyboard shortcuts
Suitable for long term usage
Resale or private labels right
Customized default setting *****
 # of Pre-loaded search sites 10 30 30 30 30
 Current version # 2.4 2.4 2.4 2.4 2.4


Choose and download version

* Free registration is required to download a version with user support and free in-series updates option. Updates are available for as long as the current version series are being supported.

** Multiple PC license allows a registered user to install Click Cutter on all computers which belong to that user. 

*** Advertisement frequency is subject to change without notice.
  Advertisement page will automatically appear in a browser window or tab after specified number of actions.
  A bigger frequency number means less advertisement appearance.

**** 1 action = 1 time usage of any of Click Cutter's functions.
 For example, if you make AutoCopy it's counted as 1 action. When you make Autopaste it adds one more action to the count.

 If you pressed Search button then it adds one more action. Once your total count of actions reaches the limit then the
 advertisement shows up. The more often you use Click Cutter the more frequently advertisement is served.

***** Customized setting can be arranged by special agreement. The custom setting can include:
 - Custom List and specific order of the sites in Search menu
 - Private label (branding) links on a popup and Icon menus
 - Advertising support and advertisement frequency options


browser extensions:

These are scaled down tools designed for Firefox users

ClickCutter Autocopy ClickCutter AutoSearch

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"OMG! I've used it for few days only and already developed some form of addiction to click cutter. Now I can't imagine myself doing things without this tool.


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"WOW! That's all I can say"


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"I fell in love with Clickcutter in 5 minutes after I started using it"


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"I can't believe clickcutter can do this but it really does"


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"I've been using numerous firefox extensions to do some tasks while browsing the Internet. Click Cutter eliminated the need to have many of those extensions"


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"Simple, easy and most importantly it works!"


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"I can't say I like clickcutter. I love it!"


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"We downloaded Click Cutter to try in our office and installed it almost on all machines. Keep up good work!"


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