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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the main purpose of Click Cutter?

A.  Click Cutter is a system wide 3-in-1 multi-purpose productivity enhancement tool which is designed to automate and greatly speed up the common daily computer tasks such as:

- Searching online
- Making Copy, Cut, Paste, Undo commands.
- Opening URLs or e-mails.

Here is what Click Cutter is designed to do:

- Allows you to automatically search your favorite website(s) with just one click from anywhere on your computer. Makes the search task effortless and upto12 times faster.

- Making Copy, Cut, Paste, Undo commands automatically. Simply highlight text and it's done.
No mouse clicks involved. Makes the task 4 times faster and much easier with less efforts.

- Open non-clickable plain text URLs or e-mails in a browser automatically with a single click. Saves you 6-8 mouse clicks every time you do the task.

All operations in Click Cutter are as simple as just highlighting text and clicking a button. The magic is that Click Cutter "cuts off" the amount of mouse clicks you have to make to perform each task.


- To make a copy you have to highlight text click with your mouse 4 times. With Click Cutter all you do is just highlight the text and you are done. No mouse clicks at all. It's simply 4 times faster and much less efforts (mouse clicks).

- To make a contextual search online you have to highlight text and click with your mouse at least 6 times. With Click Cutter all you do is highlight the text and make only 1 click. 6 times faster.

Note: while Click Cutter is designed for easy Copy/Paste/Cut/Replace  operations. It is not designed for heavy file editing tasks involving multiple clipboard content or image editing operations.

Q. Why is it called Click Cutter?

A. Because it greatly reduces (cuts down) the number of mouse and keyboard clicks a user has to make when doing some common tasks such as Copy or Paste. Therefore, with cutting down the number of mouse clicks a user can work on his computer much faster and with less efforts.

For example, a simple task as searching for info online takes at least 6 mouse clicks while with Click Cutter the same operation would take only 1 click.

Q. Why is Click Cutter unique?

A. Click Cutter is a unique tool because there is no a single tool on the market which offers all the Click Cutter's functions and which works system wide. Click Cutter is the only tool you can use from anywhere on your computer.

Click Cutter's AutoCopy, AutoCut, AutoPaste functions are unique only to Click Cutter and not available anywhere else.

Q. What is the difference between Click Cutter and other similar tools?

A. There are no similar tools with such a wide open field of operation.

While there are some type of accelerators, toolbars or add-on extensions made specifically for certain browser applications which have pretty close or similar functionalities non of those add-ons can be compared to Click Cutter for few reasons:

- Those add-ons are limited only to the specific browser version they are made for.
- Non of them has all functionalities of Click Cutter built-in in a single cross Windows application.
- Most of those add-ons functions are extremely annoying and there is no way for a user to control them.

The biggest drawback for any of browser specific extension is that you can't do any tasks outside of that specific browser version. Basically, you are tided down to that browser because if you switch to another browser or other application (e-mail program, text editor, etc.) you lose all your tools.

To built a set of similar functionalities a user would have to install at least a dozen of those add-on applications (if they are available for that specific browser version, of course).

Many of those add-ons are coming from different 3rd party development projects and there is a huge incompatibility issue not to mention lack of support and limitations in functions due to browser restrictions.

Not to mention that a user have to remember dozens of add-ons, what each one of them does and how to use each them.

Click Cutter is designed to work across your Windows operating system and you can use it with any application whether if it's a browser, text editor, e-mail program, Excel™ , Adobe™ or any other of numerous computer applications.

Click Cuter is extremely flexible and user can set it up the way he wants so there is no unwanted operations or annoyances.

Click Cutter quietly sits in the tray area and does the work ONLY when it gets an order form a user to do the job.

Click Cutter works from anywhere on your PC while other "similar" tools do not.

Here is a short comparison table:


Feature Click Cutter Others similar tools
 Stand alone independent cross-system tool
 Works with a single brand or version of a browser
 Works with multiple browser brands
 Works with forms, search bars and text fields
 Works with most files (.txt, .doc, .pdf, .ppt, .xls, .etc)
 Works with web and non-web based e-mail clients
 Works with most local PC based programs
 Features setting flexibility
 Total user control over all functions
 Ability to avoid annoyance
 Single tool for common computer tasks
 One place for updates and support
 Only one tool to remember how to use it.

Q. Why would I want to buy Click Cutter when there are similar tools on the market for free?

A. There are no similar tools on the market either free or paid. Click Cutter is unique and it's the only tool of it's kind. And, by the way, it's available for free (though it has some limitations)

As it was answered in a question above there are some add-ons made for specific browsers with similar to some of Click Cutter's functions.

If you are a browser addict and this browser brand is the only application you ever use on your computer then you should definitely use those free add-ons available for that specific browser version you are using.

On the other hand, if you you use various applications such as different browsers, e-mail clients, text or HTML editors, document readers, spreadsheets, etc. and you want to have a powerful tool which can do a job from anywhere on your your computer then you should consider getting a paid version of Click Cutter (though free Click Cutter version will do most of the job as well).

Q. Who needs Click Cutter?

A. It's designed for everyone who uses computer and the Internet  for the following tasks:

- Any type of research involving searching on the Internet.
- Frequently making Copy, Paste, Cut, Undo commands.
- Frequently working with non-clickable plain text URLs or e-mail addresses

For example, people who are frequently:
- doing lots of research (for instance, market research on product name, product or company review or information, projects for students, scientific research, etc.).
- visiting private forums or social networking sites where posting live links are not allowed.
- trying to avoid being tracked to preserve the Internet surfing privacy.
- editing documents (for instance, articles or blog posts)

Q. Is it easy to use Click Cutter?

A. It is extremely easy to use Click Cutter. No special skills are required. Anyone can use it. If you can highlight text then you can use Click Cutter.

However, you need to adapt to it's operation techniques  because they are completely different from what you've been doing till now. It takes just few minutes to adapt once you start playing with the software.


Q. I noticed that Click Cutter uses a popup dialog. I hate popups. Can I turn it off?

A.  Click Cutter can be used both ways: with and without a popup dialog.

Popup dialog is designed for faster performance because all operations buttons are located right beside your mouse cursor.

However, if you do not like popups you can turn it off and use Click Cutter's tray icon for all operations. This way you can eliminate all annoyances. Disabling popup feature is available only in paid versions of Click Cutter.


Q. What applications and file types can I use Click Cutter with?

A. Click Cutter is designed to work system wide and it works in any application where you can copy or paste.

For example, Click Cutter can work with web pages in major Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera.  It also may work with other browsers as well though it was not heavily tested.

Click Cutter works in all common text file types such as .txt, .doc, .pdf. And, of course, with the commonly used application suites such as MS Office® and others.

In general, if you can copy or paste in the application then you can use Click Cutter with it. Though we can't guarantee it will work with all of the applications.

It may work with images as well though it is not specifically designed for that.

Note: you have to be aware that some programs use clipboard their own way and Click Cutter may not work properly in such programs. Testing is advised prior using Click Cutter with such programs.

Q. Does Click Cutter automatically perform "contextual" search or traditional "type-in" search?

A. Click Cutter allows you to automatically perform both contextual and traditional type-in search tasks and those search functions are available from anywhere on your computer.

- Contextual search: You simply highlight  text you want to search and click a Search button.

- Type-in search: Type in your search term into Click Cutter's search bar which is easily accessible from anywhere on your computer.

Q. Can I search multiple sites simultaneously?

A. Yes. You select all sites on the search menu you want to search and click a Search button. Click Cutter will automatically open all search results from all selected sites for you. 

Q. Can I add or remove the search sites from Click Cutter's search menu?

A. Yes. You can add or remove any site on the search menu. You can sort the sites by importance. For example, placing more important sites closer to Search button or placing the sites by related topic.

Note: some sites can't be added to Click Cutter's search menu due to their programming restrictions.

Q. Does it really takes 0 clicks to copy (cut) and paste? What is the secret?

A.  Yes. You do not have to click right and left buttons on your mouse to do these operations. However, you have to use your mouse to do highlighting or point to specific places within a file where you need to do the operations.

The secret is in a unique Click Cutter's feature to recognize a mouse movement and perform an action accordingly. For example, to make a Copy all you do is just highlight text. That's it.

Q. I want to use only some of Click Cutter's editing functions. Can I do that?

A. Absolutely. Click Cutter is extremely flexible and fully customizable. You can turn on/off any function you like. If you wish to use only specific functions you can turn off all other functions you do not need.

For example, if you wish to use only AutoCopy function all you do is this:

- disable all other functions in Autotools tab,
- set the timer for AutoCopy to a low number (0.1 sec)
- disable popup dialog (paid versions only).

Now you have an AutoCopy tool which you can use with any application on your computer.

The same can be done with Paste, Cut or Undo command.

Q. I still prefer to use old fashioned methods to do Copy or Paste.
     Can I still use Click Cutter?

A. Absolutely. If you do not like Auto-Commands features just turn all or some of them off and use Click Cutter as a browsing or research tool.

Click Cutter is fully customizable application so everyone can set it his own way.

Q. What is non-clickable plain text URL or e-mail address and how Click Cutter handle them?

A. Non-clickable URL or e-mail address is the one written in plain text and you can't click on it to open.

For example:



As you can see you can't click to open those . Click Cutter will open them for you automatically. Just highlight them and click Open Link button.

Q. Can Click Cutter Open multi-lined wrapped URLs?

A. Yes. Just highlight the whole URL and press Open Wrapped URL button.

Example of wrapped URL:


Q. Can Click Cutter automatically open obfuscated URLs or e-mails?

A. Yes. Just highlight the whole URL and press Open Link button.

Example of obfuscated URL or e-mail:
myemail [@] mywebsite.com

Q. Can I open a URL via a proxy site to preserver my browsing privacy?

A. Yes. We have a couple of anonymous proxy sites built in Click Cutter's Open Link button menu. Just highlight the the URL you want to open via proxy and press Open via Proxy button.

Q. Click Cuter preserves browsing privacy. Why do I need to preserve my browsing privacy ?

A. While you are browsing the Internet many websites are collecting the information about the visitors.

In particularly which website the visitors come from, what keywords they used in search engines to get  to websites, tracking how many times and what type of links users click the most while visiting those websites.

That also includes setting cookies (small piece of code) via invisible hidden links within URLs on visitors computers to track their browsing behavior.

And the last thing they track is every user's IP (Internet digital address) which can be easily tracked to a visitor's home.

While in most cases providing such information to some websites is not harmful, you have to keep in mind that there are quite a few websites out there where providing such information can be very damaging.

Click Cutter can not hide your IP address but it can help you to avoid giving away some information by providing an alternative quick way of opening the URLs via proxy sites while browsing the Internet.

Q. Does Click Cutter contain any spyware or anything else that could be harmful to the system or collects user's PC data or personal information of any type?

A. Absolutely NOT. Click Cutter does not contain anything that may harm your PC or deprave your privacy. It does not collect or transmit any information of any kind to us or any 3rd parties. It's very safe to use. If you have any concerns you can use independent online malware scanner to check the file you download from our site (the link to the scanner is provided on the download page)

Q. I see there are different versions of Click Cutter. What is the difference?

A. Click Cutter comes with few versions. Standard (free) and PRO (paid). The difference is that free version have some features disabled and it is supported by advertisement. The list of disabled features and advertisement appearance info is available on the download page.
PRO version has all features enabled and there is no advertisement.

Q. I use different computers at home and at the office. May I install and use Click Cutter on all of them?

A. Absolutely YES. Every purchased license of Click Cutter allows you to install and run Click Cutter on all computers you personally use. However, you may not share your license with other users.

Q. I like Click Cutter. Can I share it with my friends?

A. If it's Standard (free) version then absolutely YES.

Sharing a paid version is strictly PROHIBITED. Legal action will be taken if anyone is caught sharing any paid version.

Q. Can I make money with Click Cutter?

A. YES. Recommend Click Cutter to other people and make $20-$40 per sale.
Join our affiliate or JV partnership program here.

Q. Can I advertise with Click Cutter?

A. YES. Our Free standard version is supported by advertisement. We have built in branding and advertising functions. More details about our advertisement, branding and money making opportunities can be found here.



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