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  Automatic Copy and Paste tool

Perform commands such as Copy, Paste, Cut and Undo like never before.

Many of this actions are being done with zero mouse clicks and can be done 2-4 times faster than traditional methods.

However, please be aware this tool is designed for quick light weight editing tasks (for example while working with web browsers, making quick edits in text files, etc). and it is not suitable for file editing tasks with heavy usage of Copy, Paste, Cut or Undo commands.

Automatic Copy

You simply highlight the text or image you want to copy and you are done. No left or right mouse clicks anymore. Does Copy command 2 times faster than traditional Copy command technique.

You can do automatic copy even on double or triple click highlighting.

Automatic Paste

Simple point the mouse cursor to the spot in the file or document where you want to paste the clipboard and you are done. No left or right mouse clicks . Does Paste command 2 times faster than traditional Paste command technique.

Automatic Cut

This command work the same way as Auto Copy. You just highlight the text you need to Cut and you are done. To avoid a confusion between Copy and Cut commands you can use a middle button switch between Copy and Cut commands.

Makes Cut command 2 times faster than traditional Cut technique.

Automatic Undo

Simply do Undo with a single mouse middle button click. That's it. Saves you 1 click every you need Undo command.



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"OMG! I've used it for few days only and already developed some form of addiction to click cutter. Now I can't imagine myself doing things without this tool.


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"WOW! That's all I can say"


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"I fell in love with Clickcutter in 5 minutes after I started using it"


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