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Automatic Open Link tool


Automatic tool which allows a user to save many mouse clicks and do some quick neat tricks with URLs (web addresses) or e-mails addresses with just a single click of a button:

Automatically open a contextual non-active URL or e-mail from anywhere.
Automatically open simultaneously multiple URLs within a list of URLs or context.
Automatically fix and open broken, misspelled, wrapped URLs or e-mail addresses.
Visit websites anonymously with just a single mouse click.
Close multiple browser windows with just one click.

Just highlight a URL or e-mail address and press a button to open
a website or e-mail will open automatically.

 It's that easy.

Open non-clickable URLs or e-mails

Non-clickable plain text URLs (web address) or e-mail addresses posted on various websites or located with e-mail messages  is a very common thing. Quite a few times you've seen this phrase especially in e-mails messages:
If you can't click on the link then Copy and Paste this link into your browser.

On many social networking sites, private forums, chat lines and other private places on the Internet posting hyperlinked URLs or e-mail is not allowed for various reasons.

Many website owners misspell or obfuscate their e-mail addresses on purpose to prevent spam bots from harvesting their e-mail addresses.

How many times a day do you come across the links (URL or e-mail address) you can't open because they are non-hyperlinked plain textual not clickable links or malformed for various reasons or simply mistyped URLs or e-mail addresses?

Here are some examples of such URLs or e-mail addresses:

Non clickable URL



(altered) URLs

h**p:\goo gle.com/

bing dot com
wrapped URL
Non-clickable or Obfuscated
e-mail addresses

webmaster [at] samplesite dot com

webmaster at samplesite.com

For example, to open each of the above URL or e-mail takes on average anywhere 6-14 mouse clicks.

The  time to perform each of the actions listed above can not be specified because it takes way too long to accomplish such simple tasks.

And many people still do it and those people pay greatly for those unproductive tasks with their wasted time.

They do it manually and waste a great amount of their time because they do not know that there is Click Cutter and it can do all tasks they struggle with with just one click and it takes virtually no time to fix or open any of the URLs above.

Here is a comparison table to compare average user efforts vs. Click Cutter user efforts to open non-clickable URLs or e-mails:

URL or e-mail # of mouse clicks required to open URL or e-mail
  Average PC user Click Cutter user
www.google.com 6 1
h**p:\goo gle.com/ 14 1
webmaster@samplesite.com 6 1
webmaster [at] samplesite dot com 10 1


Automatic URL fixer

If you came across a URL or a list of URLs like these:

h**p:\goo gle.com/
htp:bing dot com

and you want to to make those URLs like these


you can fix them all with just one click. Simply highlight all broken URLs or e-mails and click a button. All URLs and e-mails will be automatically fixed and copied to clipboard so you can do whatever you need with them.

Open multiple URLs with a single click

Let's say you've got an e-mail message from your buddy where he lists all his favorite website where he finds new friends.


Of course, you want to check out all those sites. And now go ahead and try to open all of them.

It did not take you long, right? Just a minutes or so and anywhere 25 mouse clicks. Not bad!

In case you did not know Click Cutter users  can open all those multiple URLs with just one click.

Just highlight all of them and click a button. Done. 1 click and it takes almost no time. So you just saved yourself a minute of your life.

Open URLs or e-mail addresses located within text

Quite often you find a URL or e-mail located within text. Usually to open that URL in a browser people carefully highlight that URL and than open a browser, paste that URL into address bar. click Go. Takes too many clicks and too much time.

If you use Click Cutter you should not worry about precise highlighting of that URL. You just simply highlight the part of text surrounding the URL and Click Cutter will detect URL within text and open it automatically in a browser. Just one click and you are done.

Automatically close multiple browser windows

If your browser is not set for tabbing browsing and if you browse a lot you eventually end up with too many browser windows sitting open on your taskbar. Closing of those window is a very boring and time consuming task. It takes at least 1 click to close one window and if you , let's say have 20 open browsers, you would have to click 20 times to close all of them.

With Click Cutter you can close all browser windows with just one click. The time spent on this? 0.5 seconds.

Anonymous URL opening

Some people prefer to visit some sites anonymously. With Click Cutter you have an option to visit sites with:

- anonymous referrer. That is the website owner you visited will not know which site you came from.

- Open URLs via proxy sites. This way you will hide your computer Internet identity completely.

And , of course, you can do it really fast.

For example, to visit this URL www.google.com anonymously via a proxy site takes 10 mouse clicks. With Click Cutter it will take only 1 click.


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"OMG! I've used it for few days only and already developed some form of addiction to click cutter. Now I can't imagine myself doing things without this tool.


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"WOW! That's all I can say"


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"I fell in love with Clickcutter in 5 minutes after I started using it"


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"I can't believe clickcutter can do this but it really does"


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"I've been using numerous firefox extensions to do some tasks while browsing the Internet. Click Cutter eliminated the need to have many of those extensions"


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"We downloaded Click Cutter to try in our office and installed it almost on all machines. Keep up good work!"


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