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Automatic online search tool

Search online for anything from anywhere on your computer

 Allows a user to perform searching online task up to 12 times faster
than traditional search techniques.

Searching online for any type of information is one of the primary tasks people use the Internet for.

There are two common techniques of how people search online. People either type in the keywords or use contextual searching from within already existing text.

Whatever way you do your search online Click Cutter will help you to enhance your searching tasks and make it much faster with much less efforts.

For "type in" search technique you can use Click Cutter's easily accessible from anywhere search bar where you can get a list of suggested related phrases and perform an instant one click search in multiple web sites of your choice.

For contextual search lovers Click Cutter offers "no effort quick result" solution.

Traditionally most people do a basic contextual search this way:

- Copy text phrase they want to search to clipboard - 2 mouse clicks
- Open a web browser with search field - minimum 1 click
- Paste that copied phrase into a search field - 2 clicks
- Click Search button - 1 click
- Check out at least top 3 websites listed in the search result - 6 clicks

12 clicks total. Time is about 15 seconds.

And that is just basic search and we are talking about only for searching one of search engines (for example, google)

What do you do if, for example, you are reading a plain text file and you are not clear about  the meaning of some words in there and you want to quickly check a definition for each of those words in an online dictionary? How about slang or abbreviation definition or a quick translation to or from various languages?

It's amazes me when I see that some people manually re-type the words they unclear about into search field.  And in many cases they simply miss-type those words which makes it even worse. What a waste of time!

However, most of computer users usually Copy that unclear phrase or word, open a browser, find that dictionary or translation sites in their bookmarks, Paste the word into their search fields, etc.

Though it makes much faster than manual re-typing this technique still takes a lot of mouse clicks, efforts and some time to open those dictionary or translation sites.

Here is another scenario. What do you do if you are looking for, let's say, a specific digital camera model to buy and you want to find the best deal out there and, of course, the camera user's reviews?

I've done it numerous times and I can say with certainty that it involves a lot of time consuming research work trying to find as much info on that particular camera besides checking several shopping sites for best prices and user's reviews on various online communities.

If you shop around a dozen of favorite shopping sites it's very difficult to estimate the time which it takes to go and visit each of those online stores one by one. But it's a lot of time, that's for sure.

What about if you are looking a for a specific digital book or product and you need to check several online file storage or file sharing services?

Again, it takes tons of time and endless mouse clicks and efforts.


No matter what you search it's going to take your time and efforts.

Click Cutter makes Search much easier and faster

It's always been tough to find a specific info online. It's always been time consuming, very tiring and painful task.

And now with Click Cutter's automatic search tool It's never been easier to find what you are looking for online.

And it's not just easier. It's much faster.

Click Cutter dramatically reduces the time you have to spend on the online search and takes away the emotional pain associated with that task.

It's a two step process for most of the search tasks.

- Highlight text you want to search.
- Press Click Cutter's Search button.

In many cases you do not even need to re-type or make another copy of the keyword phrase if you want to search it in other web resources. Just pick those sources from search menu and open search results in all chosen resources with one click.

Here is how it works

You simply highlight a keyword phrase located within any text document (webpage, e-mail message, text file, etc.) and press a Search button on Click Cutter's popup menu dialog or (if you disabled popup) use Search option on Click Cutter's icon residing in the system tray are on the Taskbar.

If you need to do a search in several sites then you simply select all those sites and click a button. Click Cutter will automatically open search result for each of the selected sites.

For example, if you want to search for a specific camera model to buy you simply highlight that model, open a search menu from a popup or tray icon and select let's say these sites:


Press a button and Click Cutter will open search result for all 4 sites.

So instead of going to and search each of those sites one by one Click Cutter brings you search result instantly for all sites you chose

Want to check your camera in 20 shopping sites? Just try to do it the way you normally do. I bet you'll quit after the 3rd site.

But if you use Click Cutter you easily can open search results for your camera in all 20 sites with just one click. How much time you could save? You tell me.

Use Click Cutter search bar

You may say what if you do not need to highlight a phrase you want to search but instead you want to type it into a search field built in your browser.

Sure, you can do it this way. But once again,  you can search only one site at a time and only if you have your browser search field open and ready for you to use.

What do you do if you need to do a search and your browser is not open. Open a browser you can say. True, but that comes back to more clicks, more efforts and more time to do it.

Instead of manually opening a browser you can use Click Cutter's search bar which can reside anywhere on your desktop and can accessed very easily.

Type in your keyword, select the sites you want to search, press a button and bingo. Get the desired search results in all your favorite web resources in a moment.

It just can't be easier.


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"OMG! I've used it for few days only and already developed some form of addiction to click cutter. Now I can't imagine myself doing things without this tool.


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"WOW! That's all I can say"


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"I fell in love with Clickcutter in 5 minutes after I started using it"


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"I can't believe clickcutter can do this but it really does"


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"I've been using numerous firefox extensions to do some tasks while browsing the Internet. Click Cutter eliminated the need to have many of those extensions"


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"We downloaded Click Cutter to try in our office and installed it almost on all machines. Keep up good work!"


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