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Click Cutter's video

Full length Short more detailed videos for each individual tool:
Introduction video Automatic Search Automatic Open Link Automatic Copy and Paste
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Click Cutter Introduction Video


Automatic Online Search tool


Automatic Open Link tool


Automatic Copy and Paste tool





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"OMG! I've used it for few days only and already developed some form of addiction to click cutter. Now I can't imagine myself doing things without this tool.


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"WOW! That's all I can say"


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"I fell in love with Clickcutter in 5 minutes after I started using it"


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"I can't believe clickcutter can do this but it really does"


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"I've been using numerous firefox extensions to do some tasks while browsing the Internet. Click Cutter eliminated the need to have many of those extensions"


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"We downloaded Click Cutter to try in our office and installed it almost on all machines. Keep up good work!"


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